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The primary means of dental sedation for decades provides a relaxing, mild sedation level.

West Long Branch Nitrous Oxide Sedation - Jersey Shore Smiles

A combination of sedative and nitrous oxide makes for an ultra-relaxing, medium sedation level.

West Long Branch Oral Conscious Sedation - Jersey Shore Smiles

Intravenous sedation is used for many treatments and offers complete relaxation, and a high sedation level.

West Long Branch IV Dental Sedation - Jersey Shore Smiles

Dental sedation is a service that can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. Many people have general anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, but our staff has been expertly trained on how best to use sedation dentistry to alleviate any and all fears you may have. When administered under the hands of our trained professionals, dental sedation is both safe and effective. If you’re looking for dental sedation in West Long Branch, Advanced Dental Group of West Long Branch is here to help relieve your stress and anxieties by offering a variety of sedating options that will work best with your particular condition or procedure being performed.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Advanced Dental Group of West Long Branch provides comprehensive and affordable sedation dentistry for patients of all ages


I experience dental phobia and anxiety. How can you help?

No matter your level of anxiety over an upcoming procedure, we have a wide variety of Sedation Dentistry options to help relieve your stress and make it easier on yourself and your dentist.

What if I have more questions about sedation dentistry?

We encourage you to send our team a secure message. It is easy and quick!

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

The biggest benefit of dental sedation is that it can take away your fear and anxiety during a dental procedure. It will also allow you to be relaxed and comfortable during dental treatments. 

Will my dental insurance cover sedation treatments?

Unfortunately, most dental insurance companies and standard plans do not cover the cost of sedation dentistry. However, we offer financing options to cover sedation dentistry treatments. For more information, see our Financing Options page.

Questions about sedation dentistry?

Here are answers to common questions.

West Long Branch IV Sedation Dentist - Jersey Shore Smiles

Advanced Dental Group of West Long Branch

​West Long Branch Sedation Dentist

​Learn about sedation dentistry and browse the treatments we provide.

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